El 34 de Atocha

El 34 de Atocha


At 34, in one of the most emblematic and “COOL” streets of Madrid, where we want the “copeo” to have its place.

In this place you can enjoy one hundred percent Spanish products.

Spend a great time in “El34” and share its gastronomy with friends.

The bar El 34 is a place for locals and foreigners, a place where one can go back to its roots through the gastronomy, the culture and the idiosyncrasy of Spanish people. We are waiting for you!

34, Atocha Street
Metro Antón Martín (L1)

Opening hours

Sunday to Wednesday
12:30 pm to 12:00 pm

Thursday to Saturday
12:30 pm to 02:00 am

American Express, Apple Pay, Mastercard, Visa
Disabled access, Bar, Cocktails, Wifi

910 887 787


El 34 is the evolution of our gastronomy, of the most authentic and identifying products at the reach of a mouthful. A synthesis of our roots and traditions, reinvented by avant-garde cuisine. Here the best raw material is declined in delicate works of culinary engineering in pocket format.

A “canalla ” and ” cool ” concept, a fun way of tasting elaborate dishes in two mouthfuls. A regression to the product, local, recognised and recognisable in the proposal or recipe, that is to say, very attractive elaborations, but recognisable to the palate.


The menu at EL 34 de Atocha invites you to taste a wide variety of delicious dishes, always appropriate for every season of the year. Quality, seasonal produce, mostly made with organic, local and local products.

There will be no shortage of the best preserves on the market, the best pickles and viands, seasonal proposals, hot or cold to satisfy the desires of the most restless gourmets and, finally, delicious desserts.

The range of drinks is very wide and includes the best Madrilenian vermouth on tap, well-drawn beers, wines from different national DOs, sparkling wines and unique proposals of wines from the Jerez region, finos, palos cortados, amontillados and olorosos.


Our team, led by Chef Eduardo Gutiérrez, is a multidisciplinary team that strives every day to offer the best gastronomic experience. Quality and seasonal produce; dishes, preserves and portions made with organic, local and local products; friendly service with the best of smiles.

Our mission is to make your gastronomic journey unforgettable, whether you are a local or a foreigner, without losing tradition and good customs. Making us a great bar where everyone, wherever they come from, has their own corner.